Open elections confirm floated 'Artists Vote injeungsyat'

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6.2 In the local elections, voting, and celebrities lead, via Twitter, while encouraging fans to vote for elections ttuiwotda ambiance. In particular, has a lot of idol fans participate in the electoral and political interests, contributing to a single pyeonggada 10.20. Netizens are committed and the people's right to exercise initiative to Artists 'concepts Artists' giving the name attached. Park Jin-hee in his first election, election day, an idol that was noted. Vote Song sang the pop group Girls' Generation SNSD and Sunny, a gentle and Jonghyun SHINee, 2PM's hwangchanseong, breeches and vote-yoon see Ordinate approval as the press has attracted attention. The vote went to the polls by a celebrity appearance Hands on photos of the tweeter, in writing and encourage voter participation also increased Let's netizens to join this. 2AM jogwonssiga addresses of friends to go to Suwon to vote and post a shot of authentication on Twitter Speaking only of himself, "the lead vote that looks cool, "" I'm going to vote "led to the comment. Such as a poll taken at 6 AM to find the actors photos and articles about Mr. Park Jin-hee posted on Twitter. "I'll put injeungsyat" "My sister was a vote to see the article I was thinking we could go to the polls was" a response that ran articles. Gimjedong "vote to determine what kind of flowers piulji planting seeds of hope," the artist said on Twitter Mr. gimjedong broadcaster vote again on Twitter "I hit a single to seeds," called shot a whopping posts authentication "I have planted the seeds 1. I am proud of the turnout," led to a comment. Twitter, one week before the election, voter turnout were encouraged to vote the same day, Mr. yioesu authentication shot artist "with the participation of over 10% of 20 votes to come up with 20-80 shots daekkaji authentication entry was made possible performances will offer them," Irvine has led to an agreement of netizens. Comedian nohongcheol, jeongjongcheol, singers, etc. Microbiological, hwangbossi shot up on Twitter Vote Certification "votes yet anhasin people, please vote quickly," said urged citizens to participate. Brown Eyed Girl in a ballot of members holding miryoneun polls released photos taken after the date of this controversy over election law violations were sometimes deleted photos. "Imyoungju reporters> - Republic of Korea hopes the press! The newspaper, the iPhone application market - ⓒ News & trends tend to dot-com (, prohibits unauthorized copying and redistribution "dot-com trend in Korea Online Newspaper Association ( Rules for using digital news is a member of.>

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